Oswald's story begins orbiting Earth where Oswald is spending their time repairing and developing Satellites.
Oswald will meet an array of Robots that would be used on the mars colony mission. Oswald is left with riding along to the colony with them.
After Being Jettisoned from Earth's Orbit, E.P.I.C. is able to get a hold of Karen Varlet, an old friend to Oswald while they sit on the droid ship on route to Mars.
Purely a guiding voice to this point, Rowan is discovered to be a Dyr, a humanoid animal species. That's not the sole discovery- Rowan's time adrift in space has wreak havoc on his mind.
Rowan's mind with ultimately break, leaving Oswald without advise and companion.
Arno is contained in a "globe" - a gigantic sphere where the Thane simply peer into the events unfolding in the Arno- never helping- never seen.  
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